"Dangerous Felon" Caught by DPS Without Much Trouble


State troopers last week caught up to a local ex-con wanted for alleged weapons violations who had eluded capture on April 13. Angel Valenzuela had vowed to shoot at anyone trying to take him back to prison, but it didn't turn out that way.

Detectives with the Arizona Department of Public Safety figured out the location of Valenzuela's hideout and on Thursday night tracked him to an area just west of Wittmann, Arizona. The known gang member, armed with a .22-caliber handgun, was caught after a brief foot chase, the DPS says. That's Valenzuela's latest jail mug shot above, taken following his arrest.

A couple of interesting comments appeared last week on our previous post about Valenzuela (see below). A reader who claims to know some of Valenzuela's "old acquaintances" claims that of all the ex-con's bad traits, "what pisses me off the worst is that he's a deadbeat dad."

"Luis Valenzuela" then answers that the 37-year-old's kids aren't so bad off -- and he should know because he's one of them: 


chaton602 says:

Az native, are you serious? this guy needs to be put down. he has a history of criminal activity and should be hung for everything he's done in our community. From dealing drugs to guns, being a deadbeat dad and I'm sure many other things as well. he just recently got out of prison as well. FYI, the law states that you are presumed innocent until proven guilty. what reports are you reading BTW? he's gone to court for many issues, it's time to do your homework. he needs to be hung. this guy has had issues with the law since he was a kid. he's a menace to society and a paper weight in our state and city. what pisses me off the most is that he's a deadbeat dad. do I have a personal issue with this guy? Yes! Do I know this guy on a personal level? No! but I do know some of his old acquaintances. He'll get caught, and I hope they put him on the firing line and rid him of his status in our city and state.

Posted On: Wednesday, Apr. 15 2009 @ 10:34AM


you guys are really talking about him as if you really know him. all you really know is what you read or have heard on the news. get real yeah he has done many wrong things in his life and he needs to pay for them. but calling him a deadbeat dad is completely ridiculous. yeah so maybe he should have got a regular 9-5 to support his family the right way. but i for one can say that all of his children are very well taken care of. i am not trying to justify him breaking the law. he does deserve to be locked up. i agree with alot of your comments but i dont agree with him being a deadbeat dad. he loves them kids. i should know because i am one of them.



A third reader then chimed in, though, casting doubt on the above commenter's credibility:


Sabrina says:

Since when does he have another kid??
I though i only had 3 other siblings?

Posted On: Sunday, Apr. 26 2009 @ 9:48AM



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