Daniel Adkins Killing: Murder or "Self Defense"?

See also: Cordell Jude Charged in April "Self Defense" Killing of Daniel Adkins

Cordell Jude was charged with second-degree murder late last week for shooting Daniel Adkins at a Phoenix Taco Bell drive-through in April.

No extraordinary new evidence was released in the announcement by the Maricopa County Attorney's Office, as Jude told police at the time that Adkins hit his vehicle with a bat, pipe or some type of object of similar size -- which was never found.

Jude was in the drive-through as Adkins was walking his dog nearby, and Adkins got upset after Jude apparently almost hit him with his car.

Jude told police that he shot Adkins after he took another swing at him with the pipe -- which no one else ever saw, and again, police never found -- using a pistol he had been carrying in his lap.

Jude told the cops he felt that he was in some sort of danger -- he also had his 8-months-pregnant girlfriend in the passenger seat -- but said that he never felt that their lives were in danger.

That said, more than three months after the shooting, and after Jude was picked up by the cops on drug charges, he's been charged with murder in Adkins' death.

Does that sound about right?

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