Danny Stuart Caught Kissing 14-Year-Old at Church -- and Much Much More

Danny Stuart, 30, brought his girlfriend to church last Sunday and found it necessary to make out with her in front of other parishioners, which is a little bizarre. When you add the fact that the girl was only 14, it goes from bizarre to criminal.

But the Sunday morning makeout session is just the tip of the iceberg, and police suspect there may be more victims.

After parishioners saw Stuart and the girl kissing, they told her parents, who told police -- who arrested the alleged pederast.

Turns out, Stuart's been abusing the girl for years -- since she was about 6 years old, police allege.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, Stuart's a close family friend of the victim's parents and would often sleep at their home on Friday nights before he went to work with the girl's father on Saturdays.

Stuart was supposed to sleep in the family room but would often make his way into the girl's bedroom, lock the door, and sexually abuse her.

In one instance, the girl's parents knocked on the door, but she was too afraid to answer it, she later told police.

Stuart told the parents he was reading the girl a bedtime story.

Similar Friday night slumber parties went on for another four years -- until the girl was 10 and her parents told Stuart he was no longer allowed to crash at their house anymore. But that didn't stop Stuart.

After getting banned from sleeping over, Stuart would go to the girl's house when her parents weren't home. He would distract her brother by bringing him video games, and take the girl into her parents' bedroom where he would sexually abuse her.

The girl later told police there was another, unidentified victim, whom Stuart forced to give him oral sex.

Prior to the girl's parents putting the kibosh on Stuart spending the night, the girl and her underage friend built a tent in the family room of her parents home for a sleepover. Stuart, naturally, sneaked in and forced the girls to perform oral sex on him.

"He was pushing on her head so much that she was choking," the detective notes in Stuart's arrest report. "Victim cried, but that only made him mad and he slapped her."

Following the church makeout session, the girl participated in a confrontation call, during which, the girl told Stuart she'd told her parents about the abuse and they wanted to go to the police. His response: he told the 14-year-old girl to tell her parents she'd made the story up "because of her menstrual cycle."

Stuart then tried to arrange another sexual tryst with the girl before telling her he has "a sickness." That "sickness": "he loves an immature girl."

Stuart was booked on charges of sexual conduct with a minor, child molestation, and sexual abuse.   

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