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Danny's Family Car Wash Owner Danny Hendon Not Named in ICE Indictment

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The indictment charged the various corporate entities that make up the Danny's Family Car Wash chain, and 14 assorted managers, with an assortment of federal charges related to "a conspiracy to employ unauthorized aliens."

A "DFC owner" is mentioned in one paragraph, but not by name.

Read the federal indictment involving Danny's Family Car Wash.

A source close to the investigation indicated that ICE was reviewing the evidence culled from the raid on 16 locations of Danny's and the employment firm HR Betty, and that future charges may be coming.

(Note: HR Betty was not listed as a defendant in the indictment.)

I tried two numbers for Hendon. At one a woman answered, but she refused to take my name and number. At the other, I left a message for Hendon via voice mail. If Hendon returns the call, I'll update this post.

The government alleges that a 2010 federal audit of "current or recently-active employees" revealed that "approximately 50 percent of DFC's work force," that is, 942 out of 1,912 persons, had not provided proper paperwork at the time they were hired.

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