Darnell Dockett's Tweets From Jury Duty Are at Least Partially Bogus

Arizona Cardinals defensive lineman Darnell Dockett entertained his 200,000 Twitter followers yesterday by supposedly live-tweeting his trip to jury duty.

Dockett's colorful courtroom tweets became national sports news, with media outlets like Deadspin, the Washington Post, and FOX Sports posting reports.

Problem is, at least part of Dockett's story is made-up.

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At one point throughout his alleged jury expedition (see all the tweets at the bottom of this post), Dockett posted a picture of a courtroom, joking about a bald guy there. A Google image search shows that's a picture from a 2013 court case in Skagit County, Washington.

Although county records show Dockett owns a home in Chandler, Dockett certainly wasn't showing up for jury duty in Maricopa County.

"Darnell Dockett is not reporting for jury duty in our court," Maricopa County Superior Court spokeswoman Kelly Vail tells New Times. "We believe he is reporting out of state."

That is, if he's not making up the entire thing. Dockett's posted some other sensational tales in which the facts don't really add up.

If Dockett were in Maricopa County, he'd be in some trouble -- a court spokesman tells us this violates juror admonition and could cause a mistrial.

Anyway, there's no doubt Dockett's tales are entertaining. See all of his tweets from "jury duty" below:

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