Darrell Ankarlo Back On Airwaves After Five-Month Absence

The ultra-"moral" morning man for 92.3 FM (KTAR), and often-deserved punching bag of this paper, Darrell Ankarlo, returned to the airwaves with a vengeance today, after a five-month absence resulting from a car accident that nearly ended his career.

Back in April, Ankarlo was in a collision that left him with traumatic brain injuries that affected his speech, ability to walk, and think.

During his five-month recovery, Ankarlo says he battled depression, and like the conservative Christian he claims to be, had fits of anger so bad that he would have to tell his family to leave the house.

"I was scared out my pants that I was out of a career and I wasn't going to walk again, let alone do sports, and that I would never speak clearly again," he says at a press conference yesterday. "And in five months, for me it's a miracle."

This morning, after a tribute from the stations patriarch Pat McMahon, Ankarlo was back at the mic, ordering his minions to fetch him a danish.

Phoenicians be warned: The morality cop's back on patrol.

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James King
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