Darrell Ankarlo Dances Shirtless, Caresses Six-Pack to the Tune of Macho Man...Well, at Least on KTARsucks.com

KTARSucks.com's video on Ankarlo's homophobic tendencies.

Back on March 9, I told you about my new favorite Web site KTARsucks.com. That's the site that skewers local wing-nut hate jock Darrell Ankkkarlo and keep an eye on all the moonhowlin' nitwittery he's spitting on air every morn at KTAR 92.3 FM, home to a passel of right-wing, Hispanic-hatin' hillbillies. Well, save for Jay Lawrence, who as an old-school conservative, is the closest thing KTAR has to a liberal.

Anyway, the main reason to despise KTAR is Herman Munster lookalike Ankarlo, whose grating voice and Archie Bunker attitudes regarding race relations, immigration, and just about any other social issue known to man give him all the intellectual authority of an unfrozen cave man on the subject of Television. Ankarlo hates on gays, blacks, Mexicans, Democrats, Barack Obama, and so on, all while trying to sound like the Joe the Plumber next door.

KTAR's Ankarlo Hates on Gays REMIX from KTARSUCKSdotCOM on Vimeo

KTARsucks.com recently took on Ankarlo's homophobia, mixing snippets of some of Ankarlo's anti-gay sentiments with some amusing animation of Ankarlo dancing shirtless to the tune of the Village People's Macho Man, while rubbing himself more often than George Michael in a men's restroom. The site followed up with a "remix" starring Ankarlo and other Republicans such as Jon Kyl and John McCain. Both are hi-larious, and worth a watch.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.