Dave Hendershott's Son Stopped For Second DUI in Two Weeks; Mugshot Not on MCSO Website -- Yet

Phoenix police confirm to New Times that for the second time in two weeks, Jeffrey Hendershott, the son of ousted former MCSO Chief Deputy Dave Hendershott, was arrested for DUI.

The kicker: the DUI happened at 10:30 in the morning.

According to the Phoenix Police Department, the younger Hendershott was stopped Sunday morning near 27th Drive and Carefree Highway.

Hendershott, police say, was seen by several witnesses demonstrating "poor driving behavior" while driving northbound on the 1-17, approaching the Carefree Highway.

KPHO caught up with someone who witnessed Hendershott's wild ride.

From KPHO (all sic):

One woman, who asked we not use her name, said it was so bad that she caught up with the car to see if the she could tell if the driver was having a medical problem. 

"He was completely out of it. He was looking straight up at the ceiling and he was like rocking back and forth on his steering wheel," said the witness.

Several drivers followed the Hendershott to the Carefree Highway where he continued east.

Witnesses say he was speeding and blasted through the light at 27th Avenue before whipping across three lanes of traffic before ending up in a parking lot of a pizza place.

Phoenix police say Hendershott's 2011 Ford Taurus hit a raised curb near 27th Drive and became inoperable. When police got to the scene, the car had a damaged left front wheel and the airbags were deployed.

Hendershott was cooperative with the officers as they conducted their investigation, Phoenix Sergeant Trent Crump says.

Former Chief Deputy Hendershott arrived on the scene shortly after his son was stopped by police. He, too, Crump says, was cooperative.

Following Hendershott's previous DUI arrest -- again, about two weeks ago -- his mugshot (with a little help from New Times) became the MCSO's "Mugshot of the Day."

More on that here.

However, for now, the younger Hendershott's mugshot won't be winning any "Mugshot of the Day" accolades from his father's former employer.

We found it a bit suspicious this morning when Hendershott's mugshot was absent from the MCSO's public wall of shame, so we called MCSO spokesman Justin Griffin.

"No conspiracy, man," Griffin tells New Times.


Turns out, Hendershott is yet to be charged for the DUI -- Phoenix police say evidence (likely blood) was taken at the scene. Charging, Crump says, will occur only after lab analysis of the evidence and there is no current booking photograph. 
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