Dave Pratt Missed by Fans; Reasons for KMLE Departure Still Unclear (But He Got His Taxes Paid)

Longtime radio jock Dave Pratt kicked off a book signing tour in mid-November to promote his not-for-profit, autobiography, Behind the Mic: 30 Years in Radio.

A month later, he was let go from his job as morning show host at country music station KMLE (107.9 FM). You can read a twinge of bitterness in the statement Pratt put out at the time, (still on his Web site):

My entire crew was surprised to learn that our morning show would no longer be on the air. I was very happy on KMLE, and our show enjoyed a 6 year run of success.

Pratt's wife, Paula, sounded stressed in an Arizona Republic article:

Pratt, who survived prostate cancer in 2005, is donating all the proceeds from the book to the American Cancer Society.

His fans, meanwhile, have been voicing their frustration in a steady stream of comments on our blog post about Pratt's missed property tax payment. For example:

Still, it would be interesting to know what happened at KMLE, and whether anything in Pratt's book was responsible.


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