David Buot Gets 22 Years in Prison for Failed Suicide Attempt That Killed an Innocent Woman

David Buot decided he was going to kill himself in October, 2010, and opted for one of the most unsafe methods for the rest of the people who felt like living another day -- driving his SUV head-on into another vehicle.

Buot failed at killing himself, but he did end up killing 49-year-old Christine Anderson, whom Buot decided to crash into.

He'll be going to prison for a while for that one.

According to the Phoenix Police Department, Buot was driving his 2003 Toyota 4-Runner eastbound near 6200 East Pinnacle Peak Road when he crossed over the center of the roadway into on-coming traffic and collided head on with a Anderson's Mercedes.

Anderson later died from her injuries, but Buot lived through his injuries.

Buot told the cops he "swerved to avoid something in the roadway," but police later determined Buot swerved into oncoming traffic just to avoid living another minute.

He failed, and instead took the life of an innocent woman who left behind a husband and three sons.

"Investigators learned from family friends that Buot had serious anger management issues and argued frequently with his wife," the Maricopa County Attorney's Office says in a statement. "He was also known to have made multiple threats to his wife that he would drive into oncoming traffic to end his life and was arguing with her on the phone in the moments leading up to the crash. A Good Samaritan who was at the scene of the crash called the defendant's wife on his behalf and was told by her that Buot had intentionally caused the collision. Additionally, while in the emergency room after the accident, a different witness overheard Buot tell his wife that he caused the collision on purpose."

Buot was convicted by a jury of second-degree murder -- deliberations took less than an hour -- and Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Robert Miles sentenced Buot today to the 22-year maximum.

"I commend the judge and jury in this case for holding this defendant accountable for his horrific and utterly senseless actions that robbed a family of a wife and mother," Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery says in a statement from his office. "While we strive to deliver some degree of justice with this sentence, our hearts go out to the victim's family."

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