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David Burnell Smith, Ex-Lawmaker, Teams Up With Larry Klayman in Fight of Arpaio Recall

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Former Republican legislator David Burnell Smith, a birther and DUI attorney recently arrested for alleged DUI, is doing Larry Klayman's bidding in the fight against the recall of Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

As many people pointed out as Klayman continued to claim that he'd try to get the recall effort shut down, he's not licensed to practice law in Arizona. Smith, however, is.

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That's why Smith's listed atop the complaint against Respect Arizona, and its effort to recall Arpaio.

Smith was a member of Arpaio's legislative birther gang, which continuously tried to pass legislation related to President Obama's birth certificate.

In fact, it was exactly one year ago yesterday that we were setting behind conspiracy theorist Jerome Corsi at the old capitol in Phoenix, as Arpaio, birther squad lead investigator Mike Zullo, Representatives Smith, Carl Seel, and Jack Harper, as well as Senator Lori Klein held a press conference to push Seel's latest birther bill.

As expected, Smith and Klayman used a stale argument in their complaint, that a recall petition can't be filed against someone until they've been in office six months. Arpaio's been in office since '93, but Klayman, and apparently Smith, think that it means six months after re-election.

Arizona Statute, the Secretary of State, and common sense all say otherwise.

Most people are familiar with Klayman's, um, interesting legal career -- including his recent lawsuit against New Times -- but Smith's a little different.

Smith's a criminal-defense attorney, specifically one who claims he "fights for those who have been arrested and/or charged with a DUI," which may or may not include himself.

Smith reportedly tried to blame mouthwash for his alleged blood-alcohol level, and he went with the infamous, "Do you know who I am?" line on the arresting officer after he "stumbled" out of the car before a DUI arrest in Scottsdale in October.

Smith ended up losing his re-election bid last year, after getting beat out in the primary.

The recall election complaint can be seen here.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.