The Hoff drunkenly slobbing all over a cheeseburger. Never hassle the Hoff.
The Hoff drunkenly slobbing all over a cheeseburger. Never hassle the Hoff.

David Hasselhoff to be in New Reality Show, and There's a Good Chance We'll See Him in Arizona

Despite walking away from his judgeship on America's Got Talent after an alcoholic, shirtless bout with a cheeseburger, David Hasselhoff is getting back on the tube -- and there's a good chance the Hoff may make a cameo appearance in Arizona.

The former Knight Rider star and Baywatch beefcake is getting another shot at a reality television show -- this one focused on his turbulent life, not him judging, um, talent.

According to USA Today, Hasselhoff has agreed to do 10 half-an-hour shows that will air on A&E later this year.

A description of the show sounds like a carbon copy of the standard, lame-o, ex-celeb, reality show, but with the Hoff as the subject, it's likely to look a lot like a well-tanned train wreck.

In the past few year, Hasselhoff  reportedly has been hospitalized several times for alcohol-related illnesses, and was found at one point to have a blood-alcohol content of .39, more than four times the legal limit to drive, and often well past the reasonable limit to live. 

The Hoff will give an "unscripted," behind-the-scenes look at his life as he conducts his "business" and raises his two daughters as a single father.

One of the daughters happens to go to the University of Arizona, and according to the show's announcement, she will be a big part of the program.

So does this mean we can expect to see the Hoff in Arizona? Our guess is, yes. What's an ex-celeb, family reality show without all the, um, zany antics of parents' weekend?


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