David Leibowitz, Radio/News Guy, Leaving Moses Anshell

We're not suggesting he's off to a galaxy far, far away or anything, but we can report that David Leibowitz is on the move.

Leibowitz, a former Arizona Republic columnist and KTAR talk show host, has limited his journalism lately to freelancing. His main gig has been serving as the vice president/ creative director at the oh-so-cool downtown ad agency Moses Anshell. (And yes, when we write "oh-so-cool," we really mean, "this freakin' company actually has a beer cart for its employees!")

But Leibowitz is now heading out on his own. He tells us that the split is amicable, but his last day at Moses Anshell is September 11. After that, he'll be at his own one-man startup at 12th Street and Missouri.

He's calling it Leibowitz Solo. And yes, the name is a play on the character Harrison Ford made famous.

"I really loved Star Wars," he explains. "I always thought Han Solo was the coolest character." But it works on two levels: "You hear 'Leibowitz Solo' and you think 'Who's Solo?' Well, I'm Solo, because I don't have a partner."

Okay, we'll admit our head is spinning a bit trying to process all the meta levels involved here. But Leibowitz assures us that the venture is going to be pretty normal: He'll be the point man for clients seeking help with marketing, public relations, social media, and advertising. And he's not the least bit worried about the timing, economy-wise.

Clients, he says, are looking for a deal. "Very few people have less expense than that guy who's out on his own and doesn't have any overhead," he says.

Hmmm ... so "solo" really means "affordable"? The dude is clearly a marketing genius.

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