David Schapira Quick to Tell Ben Arredondo to Get Lost

Who knew we'd have to post that video for two different Arizona House members this year?

It didn't take long after the news broke that Republican-turned-Democratic state Representative Ben Arredondo was indicted on federal charges including bribery, fraud, and attempted extortion for Senate Democratic Leader David Schapira to tell him to take a hike.

"In the interests of our constituents, Rep. Arredondo should immediately resign to ensure that those in our community have unabridged representation," Schapira says in a statement. "The Department of Justice allegations against him are deeply troubling and, whether he is guilty or innocent, will pose too great a distraction for him to fulfill the duties of his office. Arizonans expect and deserve more from their elected officials. Sadly, this is another reminder of why we need more ethics reforms at all levels of government and leaders who are willing to uphold them."

In case you missed it, Arredondo's accused of selling his political soul for some sports tickets, set up by undercover FBI agents.

Arredondo -- while a Tempe city councilman and state Representative-elect -- thought he was getting the tickets in exchange for helping to set up a real estate deal with a company, but, alas, the FBI didn't really want to start banking on real estate in Tempe.

"You guys will ask, you guys will have," Arredondo's quoted as saying in the indictment. "I don't know how else to say it. We'll be just fine because not only [are we] covered at the city, we're covered now at the state."

Arredondo's arraignment isn't until May 30, but if the Daniel Patterson saga tells us anything, Arredondo probably won't have too many more days as a legislator.

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