David Schweikert Campaign Sasses Ben Quayle, Thanks Him for New Stance on Immigration

As we told you at the beginning of the week, Congressman Ben Quayle didn't seem incredibly upset about creating a way for many people who were brought to the United States illegally to be able to stay here, without a path to citizenship.

In fact, he went on 12News to explain the idea, saying it's "something that's intriguing, that we should be looking at."

That is, until it became a plan of the Obama administration, when Quayle officially declared it a "backdoor-amnesty program."

That policy being put in place by the Obama administration prompted Quayle to introduce legislation to overturn the policy, as did his impending primary opponent, Congressman David Schweikert.

Although those bills would just be a waste of everyone's time, since there's no way in hell it could become law, the Schweikert campaign took to sassing Quayle to break that stalemate between the two on the issue.

The Schweikert camp sent out its newsletter to supporters, saying it was great that Quayle "abandon[ed] his previous support for policies."

"We commend Ben Quayle for seeing the light," Schweikert's campaign manager Dan Caldwell says. "Quayle's 180 degree turn on this issue is good for Arizona. Typically politicians dig in and try to justify their positions and often take months, if not years, to change their position. Ben Quayle took less than a month to change his."

We giggle.

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