David Shelburg Tried to Get Pit Bull to Fight Chihuahua During Drunken Rampage. Then Smashed Pooches' Heads Together

Police say a Scottsdale man got hammered on liquor and beer Saturday afternoon, sexually assaulted his own wife, verbally abused his nephew and daughters, and then tried to stage a fight between a chihuahua and a pit bull.

When the two pooches didn't fight, 48-year-old David Shelburg Jr. slammed their heads together so hard that family members could hear the dogs yelp from outside the house.

According to court records obtained by New Times, police were called to the home Shelburg shares with his wife, nephew, and two daughters about 8 p.m. Saturday.

Family members told police that Shelburg drank about six beers and several shots of liquor throughout the afternoon. About 6 p.m., Shelburg's wife started making dinner. Apparently in the mood for for then just food, Shelburg walked up behind her and started fondling her.

Shelburg's wife wasn't havin' it -- she asked him repeatedly to stop, but he refused.

Shelburg's nephew, recognizing his aunt wasn't interest in the sexual advances, told Shelburg to stop -- which he did, but only long enough to yell at his nephew and push him to the ground.

Shelburg's daughters -- and one of his daughters' boyfriends -- heard the commotion from outside and entered the house to see what was going on. Shelburg then attacked the boyfriend, too.

The daughters then ran outside to get away from their drunken father, as Shelburg followed his wife into a bedroom, where she'd gone to escape her husband's belligerence.

Shelburg sat down on the bed, and after yelling and screaming a little more, he grabbed the family's two dogs -- a pit bull and a chuhuahua -- and tried to get them to fight. When they didn't fight, Shelburg smashed their heads together causing both dogs to yelp in pain.

Shelburg's wife again retreated to the kitchen, where her husband continued to attack her sexually. After more arguing, one of the family members called Shelburg's parents, who rushed over to the house.

Shelburg's father, David Shelburg Sr., arrived at the house and immediately started yelling at Shelburg's wife. He went further and started yelling at Shelburg's nephew -- who'd tried several times to intervene -- calling him a "queer."

As the drunken rampage continued, Shelburg's wife called police.

Police showed up to find crying family members and a drunken Shelburg, who tried to leave the property against cops' orders, and ultimately had to be taken to the ground before police could get him into handcuffs.

Shelburg was booked on one count each of the following: sexual abuse, cruelty to animals, failure to obey a police officer. He was also booked on three counts of assault and five counts of disorderly conduct.  

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