David Spade Donates $100,000 to Phoenix Police Department for New Rifles

David Spade doesn't forget his roots.

The former Valley resident cut a $100,000 check today to fund the purchase of new rifles for the Phoenix Police Department.

In a news release, (reprinted below), police say Spade "had been made aware" of a program -- covered in a previous Valley Fever blog post -- to equip officers with high-powered rifles.

Spade, the star of the CBS sitcom, Rules of Engagement, lives in a Malibu mansion but keeps his eye on the happenings in his old 'hood.

Last year, the Scottsdale native gave big checks to his alma mater, Saguaro High School, and to the family of slain Phoenix police officer Nick Erfle. He also gave $10,000 this year to an animal shelter in Lakeside where his mom volunteers.

Phoenix police news release follows:

The ruffled comedian with the big bank account is standing between Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon and Police Chief Jack Harris in this shot. The other three guys, from left to right, are Phoenix City Councilman Claude Mattox, Phoenix Police Foundation Board President Marc Cavness, and Phoenix Law Enforcement Association President Mark Spencer.


In this picture, Spade watches as two officers show off the Bushmaster rifles that will be purchased with Spade's donation. Police say the donation will pay for about 50 rifles toward the goal of 300.

-- Ray Stern

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