Dead Dog's Body at Least 111.9 Degrees When Found in Phoenix Man's Backyard; Owner Charged

The theory is that all dogs go to heaven -- their owners, however, don't have the same guarantee, especially if they leave their dogs out in the hot, Arizona sun with no shade or water.

A Phoenix man, police say, did exactly that, which ultimately caused the death his pet pooch.


Maricopa County Sheriff's deputies went to the home of 19-year-old Kenneth Tucker last week to check on a dog that was reportedly being abused.

When the boys in brown got to Tucker's house, they found a large-breed dog in a tiny cage (pictured) in his backyard.

As you can see in the photo, the dog has no water and isn't near any shade, which, in Phoenix Arizona in the summer, can pose a problem.

The dog, police say, was panting, crying, and unable to move as it sat in the tiny cage.

The deputy let the dog out of the cage, it took two breaths, and then died, police say.

The deputy took the dog's temperature, which read 111.9 degrees on the thermometer. The thermometer, however, only went up to 111.9, so the true temperature of the dog is unknown.

Tucker was arrested on two counts of animal cruelty and booked into the 4th Avenue Jail.

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