Phoenix PD Trying to Catch Deadliest Catch Star Jake Harris

The Deadliest Catch star is wanted in Phoenix.
The Deadliest Catch star is wanted in Phoenix. MCSO

The Deadliest Catch star is wanted in Phoenix.

On TV, the Deadliest Catch is all about the mortal dangers of hauling up crab in the Bering Sea.

Now a crab fisherman who once “starred” on the show is the subject of a game of catch-and-release of his own on the streets of Phoenix.

A Maricopa Superior Court judge issued a bench warrant last Friday for the re-arrest of Jacob Charles Harris, better known to fans of the Discovery Channel hit as Jake Harris.

Phoenix police arrested Harris on April 21 and accused him in court documents of possessing a baggie of meth and Xanax, which spilled out of his pants pocket. The 31-year-old appeared in court, pleaded not guilty, was given another court date, and released.

He never showed, and now police are seeking the crab catcher.

In court documents, Harris listed an $8,000 monthly income as a self-employed crab fisherman of 12 years. He claimed ownership of a Chevy worth $18,000 and property near Seattle worth $80,000.

Harris was caught in the Phoenix Police Department’s nets just after midnight on April 21. Police responded to the area of North 19th and West Campbell avenues to reports of a fight.

According the police narrative in the booking sheet, Harris and a woman drove down from Washington state and were staying at a motel off Interstate 17. She awoke and found Harris and the vehicle gone.

She found out that Harris was at the Circle K at 19th and Campbell.

There, police asked Harris to empty his pockets. He complied. A clear bag fell out with a white crystalline substance and some pills. He explained the pills were Xanax, that he had a prescription but had thrown away the bottle, according to police.

The crystal was tested and came up positive for meth, police said.

Later, in questioning, he said the woman had put the baggie in his pants, police said. Then he changed his story and said he bought the meth off the street, that he last used two days earlier. He said his doctor had cut back his Xanax prescription so he bought more on the street.

He was booked into Fourth Avenue Jail, where police will be hoping to return him soon.

Apparently, 15 minutes wasn’t enough fame.
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