Dean Martin Officially Endorses Jan Brewer in Gov's Race

Arizona Treasurer Dean Martin, who suspended his gubernatorial campaign in early July, is toeing the party line, announcing today that he is officially endorsing his one-time opponent Jan Brewer in the Arizona governor's race.

At one point Martin led in the polls in  the gubernatorial primary, but with the flick of a pen Jan Brewer signed SB 1070 and made herself the new "it-girl" of the Republican Party, which quickly put an end to any hope Martin, or anyone else, would be the Republican nominee for governor.

Martin bowed out of the race gracefully -- once it appeared he had no shot at taking down Brewer -- and pledged to support Brewer's campaign.

Today he took it a step further and officially endorsed Brewer in her upcoming general election against Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard.

Check out Martin's endorsement letter after the jump.

On July 9th, I suspended my campaign for the Republican nomination for Governor and pledged to support Governor Jan Brewer in her battle with the Obama Administration and its relentless attack on the people of Arizona.

Today, I would like to take this a step further and formally endorse the Governor against her Democrat opponent, Terry Goddard, who supports many of the same failed policies as President Obama.  

During a time when the Obama Administration has filed a frivolous lawsuit against our great state, a budget deficit is looming, and our economy is still shaky, I feel now is not the time for our state's leadership to change hands. We need to stand together to fight the overreaching federal government that has failed to secure our border with Mexico.  

Governor Brewer is going to need all our help to shoulder the burden of defending Arizona from the federal government, defeating the national agenda to open Arizona borders, and seize control of our healthcare system.  It is our duty to stand together as Arizona residents against an intrusive federal bureaucracy.  Our national economy is stuck in reverse by the Obama Administration.  The last thing we need is Terry Goddard who will mimic the
same failed big-government spending strategies of the Obama Administration. No government has ever spent its way to prosperity.  We must work together to fight for smaller government, win in November, and then hold those elected accountable.

I am encouraging all of my primary campaign supporters and my previous opponent, Buz Mills, to stand united as a party behind our nominee, Governor Jan Brewer against her Democrat opponent, Terry Goddard.

Thank-you and God Bless the great State of Arizona.


Dean Martin

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