Dean Martin's Announcement Clears Way for Senator Jim Waring to Run for Treasurer

One little tidbit we forgot to mention in our earlier post about Treasurer Dean Martin's announcement that he was running for governor is who would replace him as the Republican candidate for state treasurer.

The likely suspect -- for now, anyways -- is Senator Jim Waring.

Waring is term-limited in the Senate and would be forced to give up his seat at the end of this term.

Back in December, Waring formed an exploratory committee to look at a possible run for treasurer but said he would not challenge Martin in a primary. Waring also had been rumored to be considering a run for a seat in the House of Representatives, but with Martin now out of the picture in the race for treasurer, it seems Waring is the likely choice.

Waring did not immediately return our call this morning, but we've heard reports that he was on KJZZ today sounding like his intentions to run for treasurer were nearly official.

The likely Democratic candidate for treasurer is former Arizona Assistant Attorney General Andrei Cherny, who's campaign is already boasting how impressed it is with its fundraising efforts.

According to the Cherny campaign, Cherny has already raised more than $350,000, without even knowing who Cherny's possible opponent would be.

To officially run for treasurer, Waring would not have to surrender his Senate seat in adherence to Arizona's "resign to run law" because he is in the final year of his term. Waring hasn't declared his official candidacy yet but our guess is that an announcement is somewhere on the horizon.

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