Dean Martin's war on Hispanic students...

Dean Martin's new song: Everybody hates somebody sometime...

Immediately after AZ State Treasurer Dean Martin was informed by The Arizona Republic that ASU's Michael Crow was helping undocumented students with private funds, ya know what he said?

"Taxpayers should not have to foot the bill for them, and this is exactly what we were looking for. I don't have a problem with them going after private money, just don't use taxpayer money. That's all I care about."

In this case, the first response was the best response. But one of Martin's advisors must've pulled the dude over and told him that bashin' beaners made for hot copy. And so now Martin's changed his stance, and he's suddenly getting ink all over the place -- in Hispanic-hatin' hausfrau Laurie Roberts' Repugnant column as he did yesterday, and today in the ASU State Press' story "Undocumented students may lose private funding."

What the hell does Dean Martin have to do with private scholarship money? Not a goddamn thing. "The problem that exists is that the ASU foundation is raising money for ASU to use at their discretion," Martin tells State Press reporter Dan O'Connor. "The money is public dollar and therein lies the problem."

WTF? Martin thinks he has authority over the ASU Foundation's private fundraising efforts? What a pile of cow pies! Martin has no more say over that than he does Michael Crow's Swiss bank account (oh, you know he has one). And what happened to Martin being OK with the ASU Foundation bridging the gap between in-state tuition and out-of-state tuition for undocumented students?

Reporters cite Martin as a "champion" of Prop 300, which passed overwhelmingly last year, and prevents undocumented scholars from receiving in-state tuition. But how can Martin one day say that Crow's assistance to these kids is what the law intended, and then the next day, say that Crow and the ASU Foundation are attempting to circumvent the law?

It's called politics, people. And grandstanding. Beating up on the brown is the shit right now in Republican circles, and Martin's flip-flop is obviously self-serving. Don't expect him to ease up any time soon either. As long as he's getting his name in the paper, his war on Hispanic students, who are largely the ones receiving these funds, will continue.

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