Dear Jan Brewer: Please Don't Try to Finger President Obama Again

Citizens, please join us in requesting that Governor Jan Brewer not finger the President of the United States again.

As you may recall, Brewer made assholes of us all in early 2012, as she shoved her finger in President Obama's face upon his arrival on the tarmac at the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport. Now, it looks like Brewer's trying to run into Obama when he comes to Phoenix next week.

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The Associated Press reported that Brewer's "interested" in meeting with Obama, who's coming to Phoenix on Tuesday to give a speech on housing.

What Brewer's spokesman told the Arizona Republic is even more troubling to those who don't want to see another episode of Brewer giving a fingering to the president.

According to the Republic's report:

Asked what topics the governor would like to discuss with Obama, [Brewer spokesman Andrew] Wilder responded, "That's nothing we're going to discuss at this time. That's all I'm going to say about it."
Holster the finger, governor.

The infamous photograph of Brewer, with her mouth agape, hair as neat as a rat's nest, and her finger inches from the president's chin is still all-but-engrained in our minds. We seriously don't need another one. There are really plenty of people who really don't like Obama, and they all manage to keep their fingers far from his face.

It really doesn't help Arizona shed the stereotype of Arizonans being brown-skin-hating neanderthals, and it's just rude in general to shove a finger in someone's face.

Just say no to fingering, Governor.

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