Deaths of Lawrence and Glenna Shapiro, Paradise Valley Couple Found Dead in Burning Home, Now a Homicide Investigation

The mysterious deaths of a Paradise Valley couple who were found in their burning home on Monday is now a homicide/arson investigation.

The couple, believed to be Lawrence and Glenna Shapiro (the Paradise Valley Police Department hasn't officially identified the couple, but family members have), were found dead in their home near 40th Street and Camelback Road on Monday morning. When police got to the home, it was on fire.

This is where the story gets even more bizarre: the only reason police went to the couple's home is because they found a car registered to the Shapiros on fire near 7th Street and Union Hills Drive. After finding the car, Paradise Valley police went to the couple's home -- and that's when they discovered the house was on fire, and there were two bodies inside.

Authorities have not yet released the cause of death.

"We are working with the investigators to help facilitate a thorough investigation to apprehend and bring to justice those who were responsible," family members posted on a website yesterday.

Lawrence Shapiro, 79, a former gastroenterologist, co-founded the Phoenix-based Health Services Advisory Group.

The couple supports several local charities and civic organizations including the National Kidney Foundation of Arizona and the Phoenix Symphony.

The Paradise Valley Police Department is holding a press conference at noon to discuss the case. Check back for updates.

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