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Deb Gullett Laid Off From ASU Downtown


Deb Gullett, former chief of staff to both Senator John McCain and Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon, can add another "former" to her list of titles: former ASU employee.

Gullett, who'd been serving as the associate vice president for external relations for the College of Public Programs, confirmed to New Times today that she's being laid off. But, surprisingly, she didn't sound all that bummed about it.

"The timing is fantastic for me," she said. "I'll be able to spend summer at the beach and come back in the fall and figure out what my options are." As Gullett explained, she's the mother of two teenage girls -- 15 and 13 -- and she figures she'd better hang out with them now, before they get their driver's licenses and realize there are more exciting people in the world than Mom.

"I'm really blessed to be in a place where I can just take the summer off and do that," she said. (Gullett, of course, is married to Wes Gullett, a partner at the public affairs consulting firm Hamilton, Gullett, Davis & Roman, so we're guessing money isn't really a problem.)  

But don't think this means Deb Gullett will retreat from public life.

The former state representative had been Mayor Gordon's choice to fill outgoing Councilman Greg Stanton's seat -- only dropping it when it became clear she was a vote or two shy of confirmation. Now Gullett, a moderate Republican, told New Times that she's seriously thinking about making another run for the legislature. The timing could be right next year when Gullett's state senator, Barbara Leff, will be forced to move on due to term limits.

"That's what I'm thinking about running for," she says. "I've really missed it."

We couldn't believe our ears either. Someone misses the legislature??? Sounds like Deb Gullett really needs that beach vacation. We'll see if she returns to her senses come fall...

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