"Deja vu Bandit" Robbing Phoenix Banks; Um, Sweet Name, Dude

With the capture of the "First-Aid Bandit," later dubbed the "Band-Aid Bandit," last week, there appeared to be an opening for a poorly named bandit to start robbing Phoenix banks. Not to worry -- the "Déjà vu Bandit" has filled that void.

Agents in the FBI's Phoenix office are looking for the Valley's latest bank-robbing "bandit," who agents have given the name "Déjà vu Bandit."

How does someone with a cool-sounding, um, profession like "bandit" get such a lame word as déjà vu tacked onto the front of his moniker, you ask? Just don't change your clothes and rob banks on the same street.

The feds dubbed this guy the "Déjà vu Bandit" because he robbed two banks on the same Phoenix street and wore the exact same clothes in each robbery.

How, um, clever.

According to the federal fuzz, the "bandit" struck two Phoenix banks this week -- a US Bank near 35th and Southern avenues and an Arizona Federal Credit Union near 15th Street and Southern Avenue -- and in each case he made off with an undisclosed amount of cash.

In the 15th Street robbery, the "bandit" handed the teller a note, but the teller was unable to read what it said. The "bandit" then verbally demanded money, wiped down the counter with his sleeve, and got out of there -- cash in hand.

The "bandit" is described as a black male in his mid-20s to 30s, 5-feet, 6 inches to 6-feet-tall. He is said to weigh 150 to 170 pounds with a medium complexion and a thin mustache with a goatee.

Anyone with any information about the "Déjà vu Bandit" is asked to call the FBI at 602-279-5511 or Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS.

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