Democratic Senate Primary Debate Tonight; John Dougherty to Arrive in Electric-Car Motorcade -- How, Umm, Hip?

Despite this past Wednesday being "National Fuck Prius Day," former New Times scribe and Democratic Senate hopeful, John Dougherty, announced today that he will be arriving at tonight's debate in a "motorcade of electric cars."

It probably won't be the coolest-looking motorcade in the history of communal transportation -- and he'd better pack some extra batteries if he plans to make it all the way to the KTVK studios, where the debate is being held -- but reducing the use of carbon-based fuels is something Dougherty seems to be passionate about.

Dougherty's campaign spokeswoman, Kate Nolan, tells New Times renewable energy is one of the more important facets of the candidate's campaign.

"John centers his future plan for the economy on a switch to renewable fuels, which he will talk about, along with its implications for more jobs and an improved economy -- in addition to energy independence," Nolan says in an email. "Electric cars are an example of a step towards that independence."  

The much-anticipated debates come after a drawn-out debate over debates in which one of Dougherty's opponents failed -- or refused -- to even acknowledge the other candidate's repeated requests to join him on stage to discuss the issues.

Former Tucson Mayor Rodney Glassman was allegedly "duckin'" requests to debate. But we learned today that Glassman will be on hand tonight with the other candidates, Scottsdale attorney Randy Parraz, Arizona State University administrator Cathy Eden, and Dougherty, (assuming he brings along enough Duracells for the trip, of course).

We contacted Glassman's campaign to see what type of whip he'd be using to get to the debate, but nobody got back to us.

The debate starts at 7 p.m. and will be aired on 3TV. You can catch the live stream here.

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