Dennis Burke to Be Named U.S. Attorney for Arizona in Near Future?

More than one source we know and trust has told us that all signs are pointing to longtime Democatic politico Dennis Burke as the next United States Attorney for Arizona.

Burke previously served as chief of staff to former Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano and worked closely with Napolitano when she was Attorney General.

The onetime aide to former Arizona Senator Dennis DeConcini long has been rumored to be the top dog in the hunt for the coveted post, currently held by the respected Diane Humetewa.

Humetewa was appointed by President George W. Bush after the disastrous (for Bush) political fiasco involving earlier appointee, the very solid Paul Charlton.

Political pundits had speculated that Burke might run for Arizona Attorney General next year, possibly against Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas, and that Tim Nelson (also a confidante of Napolitano's) might get the nod as U.S. Attorney.

But if our pair of sources are in the ballpark, it's Burke to the feds.

Those of us who know Burke long have been impressed by his straight-forward nature and attention to detail. He is anything but an ideologue or a zealot, which makes him somewhat of an exception to the political rule in this nutty state.

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Paul Rubin
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