Dennis Erickson Era Finally Ends As ASU Is Routed By Boise State

The long goodbye finally ended last night up in Nevada, as Dennis Erickson coached his final game at Arizona State, a crushing 56-24 loss to a far-superior Boise State Team in the Las Vegas Bowl.

ASU finished 6-7 after such a promising start to a season that was supposed to "turn the corner" for a program mired in mediocrity for the past several seasons.


The word "undisciplined" has synonymous with ASU football for years now, and last night's finale was no exception. Case in point: The Devils picked up two personal fouls during one play, a touchdown run by Boise State.

Stupid stuff. 

The fired Erickson (he was allowed to coach the bowl game) leaves with a 31-31 record---now that defines mediocrity!--and a whole lot of money in his bank account.

In his stead, carnival-barker new head coach Todd Graham will take the helm, and if the Devils get off to another good start next September, he will be hailed as a "savior," that is, until things go south.

Then, maybe our friend Frank Kush (a great guy with a big heart) will come out of retirement for a few games and show everyone how it's supposed to be done.

On the other hand, those who hail from the Tucson area (eeekkk!) have reveled in every twist and turn of the chaotic, miserable last half of ASU's recently deceased season.

As for Boise State, the Bulldogs were one missed chip-shot field goal against TCU from playing in a BCS bowl game, if not for the national championship. That is one great program, year after year.

Boise State opens next season in East Lansing against the formidable Michigan State Spartans. Great matchup.

ASU opens at home against Northern Arizona. So what.



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