Dennis Gilman YouTubes the revolution; Macehualli drama; Wednesday's BOS meeting; and the wacko nativists' secret picnic.

Nativists and activists and Sheriff's deputies, oh, my! We ain't in Kansas, no more, Toto. Rather, we're in P-town, at the Board of Stoopervisors meeting. I mean, Supervisors, of course. And if last month's demo before the Supes' auditorium downtown at 205 W. Jefferson Street is any indication, then we can look forward to some spirited, left-wing fun Wednesday beginning at 9:00 a.m., sharp. So get there early, and the 100th person through the door with an anti-Arpaio T-shirt gets in for free.

Heh, fooled ya, it's all for free, and more scintillating than a marathon of Murder She Wrote reruns. That is, everything up till Chairman Andy Kunasek announces that he's not wearing any pants under the Board of Supes' horseshoe-shaped dais, or that the Call to the Public has begun. The latter is more likely, and is sure to be chock-full of people p.o.'d at the Supes for their continued, slavish support of Sheriff Joe Arpaio. (Save for Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox, his sole critic on the BOS.) Outside the squat, Supes building, there may be a replay of last month's demo, and if you're curious how that went down, here's a new Dennis Gilman YouTube video to lay it all out for ya.

BONUS VIDEO: Below is another Gilman video based on Joe's Mesa sweeps, and a bizarre, troublesome report of MCSO deputies holding guns on kids during a raid from one of the sweeps. I had not seen this footage. Chilling stuff. How these a-hole deputies sleep at night after pulling such stunts should be a puzzle to any civilized person.

Finally, I should address the reports from Monday's incident at the Macehualli Work Center, where an enraged driver pointed a gun at nativist Lynne Stevens because the guy was pissed that Stevens was photographing him after picking up and then bringing back a jornalero from the day labor center.

Police sources have confirmed to me that the incident transpired, and that, ironically, it was one of the day laborers who confirmed the nativists' account of what went down. According to these same sources, the gun-wielder was an Anglo. Oddly, the Web site of United for a Sovereign America, the group that's sponsored the protests of the Macehuallii center since the beginning of the year, has given the item less attention than some local VW dealership that's flying a Mexican flag, a Canadian flag and an American flag side by side. Apparently, these cult-like wackos think this is a sign the North American Union conspiracy has come to town.

"Be forwarned! [sic]," reads the short item penned by alleged public urinator Buffalo Rick Galeener under his handle Twosticks. "The perp is lucky there were only women demonstrating there today! Many of our male members would have dropped the dude in a heartbeat! Don’t become a victim! You have the right to defend yourself and others if you feel there is a threat to your life or anyone else’s life!"

This is pretty funny, because if you've ever seen Lynne Stevens, you know she's as big as a blue ox and twice as scary. Nothing personal, but if she hadn't told me otherwise, I would have assumed she was a man. She probably could kick all of her nativist buddies' asses if she were so inclined. Plus, every time I've seen her up there, she was armed. She can take care of herself, no problemo. She doesn't need some feeble old donkey like Buffalo Rick trying to help her out. Don't believe me? Check out this recent Gilman special on Stevens, as she talks about killing people. As she calls Gilman a communist over and over again, she looks just crazy enough to do something really messed up.

Monday's incident was regrettable, and the perp should be caught and punished. Let's be honest, though, the U.S.A.-ers are a magnet for violence. They try to intimidate and harass others, and after a while, the karma bites them back. Their presence is a disruptive one. And if they weren't up there in everyone's face, there would be no violence to speak of along that stretch of road. That said, these nuts are due their First Amendment protections, just like the Fruit Loops on sidewalks with Bibles in their hands barking about God. So what are you going to do? Everyone in that neighborhood hates them and wants them to go away. But for the majority of these weirdos, they have nothing else going on in their lives, save for their prejudice patrol up at Macehualli. So I guess the city is stuck with these idiots until they open up fire and (accidentally or not) harm some innocent bystander.

Finally, you'll recall Monday's post about the upcoming U.S.A. demonstration on Saturday and the super-secret picnic area they will be heading to after they assemble at the Wesley Bolin Plaza? Rumor has it the secret picnic area is going to be nearby Supervisor Mary Rose Wilcox's El Portal Restaurant, which is at 117 W Grant Street. Could it be at Grant Park near 2nd Avenue and Grant? If true, makes you wonder what folks who live nearby will think of all these redneck peckerwoods in one place. Maybe, "There goes the neighborhood..."

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