Despite Jan Brewer's Debate Meltdown, Her Poll Numbers Go Up -- According to Conservative Pollster, Anyway

To quote John McCain's campaign spokesman, Brian Rogers, "We don't live and die with every poll." That said, it should be noted that despite the cat that latched on to Governor Jan Brewer's tongue during last week's debate, her poll numbers have actually gone up -- if you believe the latest numbers from a conservative pollster, that is.

In case you missed Jan's meltdown -- which we're pretty sure you didn't -- have another look after the jump (seriously, for any political junkies out there, it gets better every time you watch it).


As hard as it is to watch someone who's the governor of an entire state -- and is campaigning to remain governor -- look like a nervous kid in spelling bee on the verge of passing out, most voters polled don't seem to mind.

Um, according to conservative pollster Scott Rasmussen. His poll says Brewer's popularity has increased by 3 percent from a few weeks ago, despite last week's brain fart.

According to the poll, Brewer now leads her Democratic opponent, Attorney General Terry Goddard, with 60 percent of the vote to Goddard's 38 percent.

A similar poll conducted about two weeks ago showed Brewer leading the race with 57 percent to Goddard's 38 percent.

It's not like people are unaware of Jan's (ahem) moment of silence, either. Eighty-five percent of those polled said they'd followed stories of Brewer's performance in the debate somewhat closely.

Goes to show ya: "did"-ing what's right for Arizona strikes enough of a chord with Arizona's knuckle-dragging electorate that it can overshadow nine seconds of ghastly, uncomfortable silence.

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