Arizona Schools Chief Tom Horne
Arizona Schools Chief Tom Horne

Despite Last Week's Comments, Tom Horne Liked Obama Speech

Arizona schools chief Tom Horne had some tough words for President Obama, and the White House last week, in regard to Obama's address to students this morning.

After hearing the speech, guess what; Horney loved it!

"I think we can all agree with the message of the President's speech," Horne tells New Times. "My problem, as I said last week, is with the materials we got from the White House beforehand."

Horne says his problem was never the speech, or the fact that the President wanted to address students, but that the schools chief thought the White House materials called for adulation for the commander and chief.

"They were written by someone with a case of hero worship for the President," Horne says. "It's always nice when someone worships their boss; it just wasn't for kids."

The President's speech, which aired this morning in classrooms all across the country, focused on personal responsibility, and hard work, something Horne says everyone can agree with.

"We just think that the materials from the White House should have been geared more toward the message of the speech, and not worshiping the President" he says.

Come on Tom; this isn't just a president, this is a rock star! Rock stars have groupies. You wouldn't dislike the Beatles just because before one of their shows, a groupie wanted to tell you how awesome they are.  


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