Tigers catcher Gerald Laird
Tigers catcher Gerald Laird

Detroit Tigers Catcher Arrested in Phoenix After Reported Brawl at Suns Game

Detroit Tigers staring catcher Gerald Laird and his younger brother, Yankees prospect, Brandon Laird, fought the law on New Year's Eve, and the law may have won. The law -- in this case -- happened to be security guards at the US Airways Center in Phoenix.

Gerald Laird, who calls Peoria his off-season home, was arrested on New Year's Eve after going to the Suns-Celtics game in Phoenix.

Police say the brothers and another member of their party were in a private lounge at the arena, when they were asked by security guards to quiet down.

The men were removed from the lounge, but after a talking-to from the security guards, they were let back in.

That, according to the Associated Press, is when a "melee" broke out.

Details of the incident are unclear, but reports claim that after they were allowed back into the lounge, the brothers assaulted the security guards escorting them in.

When the brawl concluded, Gerald Laird was arrested and booked on assault charges, while his brother was cited for disorderly conduct.


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