Diamondbacks Defeat Yankees in 12 Innings, No Thanks to Dweeb Zack Hample

No thanks to a baseball-collecting douchebag, the Arizona Diamondbacks beat the New York Yankees last night in 12 innings, to avoid being swept in New York.

That baseball-collecting douchebag, a dork named Zack Hample, pretty clearly committed fan interference in the bottom of the ninth, when he -- wearing Diamondbacks gear -- reached over the outfield wall to catch a game-tying homer from the Yankees' Francisco Cervelli.

Hample is obsessed with collecting baseballs, to the point that he acts like a complete tool to obtain these baseballs, including committing fan interference, while wearing a team's colors for the sole purpose of collecting baseballs, and wearing a baseball glove, like you might see children do.

Now, as far as baseball's concerned, shortstop Didi Gergorius homered on the first pitch he saw as a member of the Diamondbacks, and Martin Prado also homered in the game.

Cervelli's ninth-inning homer tied the game at two, and batters for both teams pretty much limped through the ninth through 11th innings.

The D-backs were serious in the 12th, though.

Gerardo Parra started off with a double, and advanced to third after Prado flied out. Paul Goldschmidt then landed on first after Cervelli committed catcher's interference for the second time of the game.

Miguel Montero got hit by a pitch, and Cody Ross hit in the go-ahead run with a single to left.

Eric Chavez added the insurance runs with a bases-clearing double, and the Diamondbacks ended up winning 6-2, no thanks to narcissist Zack Hample.

Steve Berthiaume quote of the night:
Bob Brenly: "Well, you had me right up until the bubble bath."
Berthiaume: "If I had a nickel for every time I heard that."

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