Diamondbacks Ride To the Top Continues With #10, Tough Road Win Over Formidable St. Louis, July 8

The St. Louis Cardinals long have been an upper-echelon franchise with perhaps the greatest fan base in all of Major League Baseball.

For sure, they are a passionate bunch, as we found out one night some time ago when we almost found ourselves in a bar fight with Cards fan.

Okay, we started it.

A pal in our small group made a rather loud comment to no one in particular after the big-screen TV flashed to a section of St. Louis fans who were sitting out in the bleachers guzzling their big Buds.

The comment was something to do with hillbillies and inbreeding as we recall.


Hell, it did look like some extras out of the movie Deliverance, there was no denying.

Anyway, the Diamondbacks won another one-run game in this early-July road trip, getting past the Cards by a 7-6 count.

Kelly Johnson, who never could catch fire for long until Arizona finally traded him to Toronto on August 23, had the big blow in the game, a grand-slam in the seventh.

Ian Kennedy pitched well yet again for the `Snakes in another winning effort that would push his team slowly, but inexorably toward the NL West crown.

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