DiNO Phil "Goober" Gordon and his turncoat endorsement of Sen. John McCain

Guess which one is the bottom...

Why any Democrat in his or her right mind would vote for a Democrat in Name Only (DiNO) such as Phil "Goober" Gordon is beyond me. It's bad enough that he endorsed asshole wingnut Andy "Candy" Thomas for County Attorney in 2004, and that he is forever the puppet of PHX's big developers. But Goober's also backing Republican Sen. John "Fuck You" McCain for Prez in 2008? What a disgusting little turncoat-weasel. Not that it's any surprise, considering the fact that as far back as 2005, Gordon flack/toady Scott Phelps had announced that Gordon would be endorsing McCain in '08. See, McCain and Gordon are longtime allies. McCain's wife, one-time Percocet-popper Cindy, has donated cash to Goober's current reelection bid, and has reportedly helped raise moolah for our mealy-mouthed, milquetoast mayor. Finally, Gordon's co-chief-of-staff Deb Gullett is married to Wes Gullett, a longtime advisor to the Senator and his former deputy campaign director from Y2K. Sheesh, Goober and McCain the Pain are practically fused together at the motherfuckin' hip.

Not that Goober makes a lot of noise about suckin' up to McCain, who's about as popular with the AZ GOP right now as a massive anal probe is to a prostate patient. But last week the LA Times reaffirmed that Goober "has crossed party lines to back Sen. John McCain, the Republican candidate who is a longtime friend and supporter." This, in an article about how L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, a REAL Democrat, would be endorsing Hillary Clinton in her White House run.

Why doesn't the AZ Democratic Party threaten to disown Philly Cheesesteak unless he tows the line and supports the Democratic Party in the national elections? And why would any Dem Prez candidate making a swing through Phoenix want to be on the same stage as this punk? What other proof do you need that Phil's not a Dem, but a Janus-faced jerk who puckers up to anyone who'll help put green in his campaign coffers? Yeah, the PHX mayoral contest is nominally non partisan. But if Dems want to vote for a true D and not a DiNO, they should cast a ballot for Jarrett Maupin. That cat would NEVER endorse a Republican.

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