Disorderly conduct charge, er, reappears against Ray Stern; Disagreements officially verboten in Michele Iafrate's offices by order of the Selective Enforcement Unit!

Ever see a lawyer who doesn't like to argue? Well, now you have, Michele Iafrate, the alleged legal beagle whose complaint re: Ray Stern got him cited for "disorderly conduct."

Since the posting of my Monday blog item, “The new Nick Tarr? Reporter Ray Stern's disorderly conduct charge mysteriously disappears...," Stern has received a notice to make himself available December 20 for a pre-trial conference in the matter of the lame-o "disorderly conduct" ticket issued to him for allegedly disturbing the Lethean stillness of PHX barrister Michele Iafrate's law office bungalow on October 18.

Though Stern showed up last week at the date and time indicated on his ticket, his name was not on the docket. I immediately assumed that the skullduggery of Sheriff Joe's Selective Enforcement Unit was at play, but in fact it seems it was just the ordinary incompetence of government employees. The charge was filed, it’s just been meandering its way through the entrails of our august legal system.

The "Release Order" Stern received (uh, never mind that he was never arrested to begin with), indicates that Stern is free on his own recognizance as long as he adheres to certain standard conditions, such as,

1) refraining from committing any criminal offense

2) not leaving the state without the permission of the court

3) not moving from his current residence

and perhaps most severe, to my mind anyway,

4) not drinking while driving.

Never fear, Ray. I promise to drink and drive for you, as long as you return those naked pics I gave you of me and Joe together at that animal husbandry festival in Gilbert.

Thus, the stupidity rolls on like a mighty wind, and the authorities compound the retardedness of citing Stern to begin with by continuing on to trial with this pathetic waste of time and taxpayer moolah. After all, they have to teach Stern a lesson, and warn him off expressing his opinion in the law office of one of the Sheriff's counselors ever again!

Heh…They don't know Ray very well, do they?

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