Do You Believe in the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine?

Do You Believe in the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine?

After more than 100 years of searching, nobody's been able to find the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine, which is supposed to be located in the Superstition Mountains.

We bring this up because one of the most recent unsuccessful gold hunters, Robin Byrd, had to be plucked out by a search-and-rescue team -- for the second time in just a matter of months.

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New Times scribe of yore Martin Cizmar explored the Lost Dutchman phenomenon a couple of years ago, upon the disappearance of another gold hunter, Jesse Capen (whose remains were found more than two years after Cizmar's story ran, by the way).

It's hard to tell the short version of the Lost Dutchman tale, because there seemingly is an infinite number of versions to the story: the "Dutchman" was a German named Jacob Waltz, and he apparently kept gold in his house, which he claimed he got in a mine in or around the Superstition Mountains.

Common sense would say that the Lost Dutchman mine is as real as Bigfoot -- that is, it isn't real -- but common sense doesn't always prevail, we suppose.

So, despite the loads of people who have been unsuccessful -- especially you, Byrd -- are you a believer?

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