Pond scum (left) and Senator Jeff Flake.
Pond scum (left) and Senator Jeff Flake.

Do You Have a Higher Opinion of Jeff Flake or Pond Scum?

Senator Jeff Flake's approval rating apparently is so low that he's comparing himself to pond scum.

"Nothing like waking up to a poll saying you're the nation's least popular senator," the senator wrote on Facebook. "Given the public's dim view of Congress in general, that probably puts me somewhere just below pond scum."

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To Flake's credit, his 32 percent approval rating is above Senator John McCain's 26 percent rating, although Flake's level of disapproval was much higher.

Public Policy Polling found that his recent vote against an amendment to expand background checks was really unfavorable with the public and a big reason for his poor approval rating.

That said, we'd like to know how accurate Flake is being with his recent claims.

Do you have a higher opinion of Senator Flake or pond scum?

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