Does Jeff Flake Support Expanding Background Checks, or Does He Not?

Senator Jeff Flake claims to support expanding background checks for gun purchases.

He also voted against expanding background checks for gun purchases, which might seem confusing, because that doesn't make sense.

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"I support background checks," Flake posted on Facebook last week. "In fact, I believe background checks need to be strengthened, particularly as they relate to those with mental illness."

That was part of his explanation of why he voted against the "Manchin-Toomey" amendment to expand background checks, which Senator John McCain did vote for.

People have been digging up Flake's comments about background checks over the last week, and his vote makes even less sense.

He said in a handwritten note to a mother of a victim of the Aurora theater shooting that "strengthening background checks is something we agree on."

After his vote, he told Gabrielle Giffords that he was sorry, but "didn't know what else to say."

His spokeswoman admitted to one news outlet that Flake "has never supported universal background checks," but did want to see the background checks system "strengthened," as if that provides any meaning to anyone.

What's your opinion? Does Flake actually support expanding background checks, or does he not?

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