Does the Grand Canyon Skywalk suck?

What I wanna know is how long before someone attempts a dive off this puppy?

If the Denver Post, the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and certain online testimonials are to be believed, the much ballyhood Grand Canyon Skywalk may be a colossal dud, an eyesore, or at the very least, a rip-off. I haven't been there yet, and to be honest, I have very little interest in going. In fact, I could give a Jerusalem fig for seeing the big hole in the ground at the scenic South Rim of the Grand Canyon, much less its cousin 250 miles west, where the Skywalk's located. Sorry, natural beauty's never been my thing. Unless, of course, we're talking about Kirsten Dunst.

Apparently, you have to cough up $75 to walk on the big glass horseshoe, folks are not allowed to have their cameras to snap pics, there are few facilities (water's trucked in, waste is trucked out, according to the USA Today story), and some people have had the mistaken impression that the Skywalk juts out over the South Rim, where most folks think of when envisioning the Grand Canyon.There's even a funny story (funny since it's not you) in the Denver Post about how this Brit dood travels to the Skywalk believing it's open till dusk, only to find out that members of the Hualapai tribe, which runs the tourist site, decided to close it up early that day because they were "tired." Photos of smoke coming out of the Limey's ears were not provided.

However, England's Guardian newspaper online has posted some photos of the view from the Skywalk, and let's just say they're a bit underwhelming. Judge for yourself. Like I say, this ain't my cup of Ovaltine to begin with.

Scottsdale PR maestro Jason Rose is out there pimping a story on the item, so I wouldn't be surprised to see this tale in some form in the local media eventually. For the most part, the PHX press got its kneepads out when this thing was unveiled back in March, which explains why all the negative ink has been out-of-town. On the other hand, there seem to be a lot of people who dig the experience, so more power to them. If anyone who's been wants to weigh in, by all means, please do. I'm not driving all that way to see what's in those Guardian pics, that's for sure.

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