Dogs Bite Kid, Neighbors Beat Dogs -- With Baseball Bats

A 10-year-old Arizona City boy was medevaced to a Phoenix hospital yesterday after three dogs attacked him as he and a group of kids got off a school bus.

About 3:30 p.m. yesterday, the victim and several other children got off their bus near South Reef Road and Guaymas Drive in Arizona City, where they were met by three dogs (pictured above).

As the victim and the other kids started walking home, the dogs began to approach them and ultimately attacked the boy.

The victim yelled for his brother to get help as the dogs chomped away, focusing their attack on the boy's face, neck, legs, and torso.

Help arrived in the form of some baseball-bat-wielding neighbors, who began beating the dogs until they released the boy.

The dogs retreated to a nearby residence where two of them were detained by Pinal County Animal Control Officers. Cops found the third dog east of where the attack took place. That dog was detained by Animal Control Officers, as well.

The dogs are being held by Animal Control for 10 days to determine whether they have rabies.

Pinal County Animal Control and Care spokeswoman Heather Murphy tells New Times it seems strange the dogs weren't scared by the group of children and were so willing to attack.

Murphy says the dogs' owner has been notified and is "very concerned" about the welfare of the child. As concerned as the owner may be, Murphy says charges against him will likely be filed following an investigation into the attack.

"The people who came out and helped are real heroes," Murphy says.

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