Don Imus Calls J.D. Hayworth a "Phony and a Creep;" Given Imus' History, it Could Have Been Worse

Don Imus, the right-wing radio host who in 2006 gave J.D. Hayworth what the Hayworth campaign then referred to as an "endorsement," had some not-so-nice things to say about the Senate hopeful on his Fox Business show this morning.

While talking to Chris Wallace, Hayworth's name came up, to which Imus spewed: "He's a phony and a creep -- he's a right-wing phony and a creep...J.D. Hayworth."

A "phony and a creep" isn't quite as bad as "nappy-headed hoes," as the I-man infamously referred to the Rutgers women's basketball team, but it's certainly not a ringing endorsement, either.

Check out the video after the jump.

These aren't the first cutting remarks Imus has had for Hayworth.

In a 2006 Arizona Republic article, after Hayworth lost his Congressional seat to Democrat Harry Mitchell, Dan Nowicki points out that Imus said Hayworth "lost because he's a moron," and continued to bash the former congressman by telling the audience that the last time Hayworth called his show Imus "had to hang up on him because he's so over the top."

Things weren't always so turbulent between Hayworth and Imus. In May 2006, when Hayworth was a frequent guest of Imus' program, Imus said, "If I were in Arizona, I'd still vote for [Hayworth]."

The Hayworth campaign interpreted the comment as an endorsement, issuing a press release announcing Imus' support.

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