Don Kenney, Former AzScam "Quarterback," Charged With Five Felonies Over Fraudulent Real-Estate License

Don Kenney, a former Arizona lawmaker and the "quarterback" of one of the state's worst scandals, has been charged with five felonies related to his fraudulent California real estate license.

In the infamous AzScam case, Kenney was among several lawmakers in 1990 who sold their votes to a man they believed represented the mafia. After taking a $55,000 bribe, Kenney was later convicted in 1991. He served 14 months in prison.

A few years later, authorities say, Kenney stole his son's identity and became a realtor in the Carlsbad area.

Lily Leung, a former Arizona Republic reporter who now works for U-T San Diego, exposed Kenney as a fraud this year and caused authorities to launch a criminal investigation.

As court documents show, Kenney admitted to police that he knew his prior felony conviction would prevent him from obtaining a real estate license, so he decided to steal his son's identity -- going so far as to forge his kid's signature.

Kenney now stands charged with perjury, using another person's personal identity information, filing a false instrument, forgery and false personation.

It looks like the "quarterback," now 73, will be heading back to the Big House.

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