Don't Drive Drunk -- Especially in the East Valley

If you're gonna be a dumbass and drive drunk on New Years Eve, Governor Jan "drive hammered, get nailed" Brewer's Office of Highway Safety suggests you don't do it in the East Valley -- it's gonna be crawling with cops.

Governor Glug-Glug's DUI Task Force will be heavily focused on the East Valley, the Governor's Office of Highway Safety says.

Tonight, the fuzz will be camped out in Chandler looking for wasted motorists. On Friday, there will be two major DUI operations -- one based out of Tempe, near Southern and Rural roads. The other will be in Glendale, based out of the Cabella's parking lot.

Authorities say the heaviest focus will be in East Valley cities because there are a lot more entertainment venues on the east side where people might be prone to drink. The West Valley, they say, has fewer.

So far this holiday season, Arizona law enforcement agencies have dished out 2,760 DUI arrests statewide as part of the Holiday DUI Task Force, 1,510 of which were made by the East Valley DUI Task Force. Only 278 arrests were made by the West Valley DUI Task Force.

Moral of story: don't drive drunk -- especially in the East Valley.

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