Asswipe Gay-dork, after dark for a reason.

Douchebag Larry Gaydos: Dork After Dark.

Until last night, I was sure KTAR's Bill O'Reilly-wannabe Darrell Ankarlo was the biggest butthole on the local airwaves. But then I heard Monday's "Gaydos After Dark" program, which runs 9pm to Midnight weekdays, and I realized Ankarlo has a rival for top asshat in the Valley -- buttmunch-host Larry Gaydos. Last night Gaydos sent a stack of pizzas to Immigrants Without Borders prez Elias Bermudez, who's currently staging a hunger-strike with others of his group near El Portal restaurant as a protest of the Zona's anti-immigrant policies. Gaydos had some flunky deliver the pizzas, but the guy didn't get anywhere near Bermudez, and was quickly escorted off the premises by security guards. Bungholio Gaydos tried to play all this for yucks, but then, Gaydos is on the radio from 9pm to Midnight for a reason, and his so-called jokes fell flatter than Lindsay Lohan's fanny.

The whole thing rated right up there with rednecks telling black jokes, or someone sending Martin Luther King, Jr. a Klan outfit during one of his civil rights marches. Massive tool Gaydos said he planned to continue his lame-ass schtick "catering" the week-long hunger strike. Tonight's gonna be Chinese food, according to him. This calls to mind a post about Gay-dork I read on this site recently, which read:

What a joke! Incredible, even with the horrid competition here, the Gaydos show still manages to be the worst show in Phoenix... Does this show have any fans besides friends and family engaging in acts of unconditional love?

As is apparent from listening to the dweeb, Gay-dork desperately wants to be Keith Olbermann, or at least the Keith Olbermann of the PHX. Thing is Olbermann boasts some talent. Judging from Gay-dork's attempts at comedy, he has nada.

Bermudez's hunger strike is apparently a throwback to the hunger strikes of legendary activists like Cesar Chavez and others, but the cheap cynicism and pathetic humor of dillweeds like Gay-dork makes me wonder if such protests are anachronistic in a time where veiled bigotry and sarcasm are the order of the day.

Here's an idea for Gay-dork, and I'll help: Let me drive you down to the middle of the Hispanic 'hood, drop your lily-white ass off with a mic tied to your neck (after dark, natch), and let you make Latino jokes as you try to run home. Listeners could then take bets on how far Gay-dork gets before the kind folks of AZ's Hispanic community show him the error of his ways. Sounds like a laugh-riot to me.

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