Elvis Amir Saloum
Elvis Amir Saloum

DPS Arrests Real Estate Agent Caught By Traffic Cams 66 Times

A prolific Valley speeder wasn't quite fast enough to escape the long arm of the Department of Public Safety.

DPS officers had been looking for 29-year-old Elvis Amir Saloum since July and finally caught up with him Thursday at a mall near his Peoria home.

Since January, Saloum has basically participated in a speed-cam photo shoot.

Saloum, a real estate agent, had his photo snapped 66 times, 11 of which are criminal offenses, on almost every major Valley freeway at speeds ranging from 86 to 104 miles per hour.

If convicted, Saloum could have his drivers license suspended and face thousands of dollars in fines.

Maybe next time Saloum hits the road he'll take the example of another infamous Valley lead foot and wear a mask.


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