DPS Creates Honorary Web Site for Medic Killed During Rescue

DPS Medic Bruce Harrolle died Monday after being struck by helicopter rotor blades

By Ray Stern

The Arizona Department of Public Safety on Wednesday published a Web page dedicated to Officer Bruce Harrolle, a Valley resident who died Monday during a rescue of stranded hikers near Sedona.

The site promises that "much more information" about Harrolle's life will be posted in the near future. (Which is probably a good thing since DPS doesn't want the media doing too much of their own research on Harrolle).

DPS also set up a bank account for those wanting to help Harrolle's wife and two young children. See the press release from DPS below:

DPS Press Release:

Bank account is established to help the family of fallen DPS Officer/Paramedic Bruce Harrolle

For those wishing to assist the family of DPS Officer/Paramedic Bruce Harrolle who was killed in the line of duty near Sedona on Monday, donations can be made at any Chase Bank. Simply visit a Chase Bank branch where deposits can be made to the Bruce Harrolle Account. The account number is: 2915063065. The Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) helped establish this account.

Cards and notes of condolences to the family can be sent to:

To the Family of Officer Bruce Harrolle Arizona Department of Public Safety Post Office Box 6638 Phoenix, Arizona 85005-6638

“The Harrolle family would like to thank everyone for their gratitude and support during this difficult time. Bruce was the most amazing father and husband. The only thing that would keep him away from his family was his passion for his job. He will be truly missed by his family and friends every minute of every day and by all that encountered him,” said DPS Director Roger Vanderpool.

“The DPS officers who are also paramedics are some of the best trained people in the state. In the last year Bruce had completed 40 air rescue operations. He truly is and will always be a hero. He was making a difference and doing what he truly loved,” said Vanderpool.

Funeral services for Bruce Harrolle are pending.

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