DPS Officer Arrested for Refusing to Leave Women's Restroom

Something interesting was happening last Saturday during Country Thunder in Moonshine Willy's women's bathroom, because DPS officer Steven Svestka refused to leave it. 

Pinal County Sheriff's Department received a call around 10 p.m. saying that Svestka, 41, was "being disorderly and refused to leave the women's restroom area," according to a report.

Moonshine Willy's is a "family-friendly honky-tonk" located in Florence, according to its website. It's got a full-size rodeo arena and roping dummies. When sheriff's deputies got to the bar, they noticed Svestka was pretty trashed, and after they asked him to leave, he refused. 

Deputies had to escort him off the property. 

But no sheriff's officer is going to bully Svestka around (c'mon, check out that Viking-looking beard), so to prove to everyone who really was calling the shots, Svestka knocked into other patrons and caused some of them to fall as deputies escorted him outside, the report says. 

But now it was the sheriff's turn to get a dose of the Viking-beard fury, because after he got outside, Svestka "became enraged and assumed a combative posture."

Deputies finally cuffed Svestka, and booked him on one count of disorderly conduct and hindering a government operation.

So what was so interesting in the women's bathroom that officer Svestka refused to leave?

DPS spokesman Bart Graves says Svestka's wife was sick in the bathroom. As a good husband, Svestka might have been a little more adroit at dealing with the law, since, well, he's an officer of the law and all. 

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