Draft Rules for Medical Marijuana Released by State

The Arizona Department of Health Services released a draft of rules today for the launch of a medical-marijuana program authorized by the voter-approved Proposition 203.

Let the debate begin.

The draft rules place additional restrictions on the law in terms of what defines a doctor-patient relationship, suggesting that a patient must have had a relationship with a doctor for at least a year and been seen at least four times for a condition in order to qualify. The rules allow you to seek a recommendation for a different doctor, however, who must take "primary responsibility" for treatment of the condition. That would seem to limit someone's ability to be seen by their regular doc for, say, chronic and severe back pain, after they obtain a pot recommendation for the same condition from a different (and pro-pot) doc.

We'll be scrutinizing the 47-page document closely, attending a Q&A at the Department of Health Services later this morning and getting response from the budding marijuana-business industry.

In the meantime, we'd love to hear your thoughts on the proposed rules, so don't be shy about commenting on this one.

Several public hearings are planned, with final rules expected by the end of March.

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